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Title: Self
Fandom: Magic Kaito
Character(s): Hakuba, Kaito, Kaitou Kid
Pairing(s): Kaito/Kaitou Kid
Genre: Smut
Word Count: 720
Rating: R
Warnings: Smut, slash smut, selfcest
Summary: A gem splits Kaito into two.
Notes: For springkink.

Hakuba looked between Kaito and Kid incredulously. "What... but..."

"I told you, idiot, we're not the same person," Kaito grumbled.

Kid added, "I have to agree with Kuroba-san. Will that be all?"

"...Excuse me. I need some time to think." With that, Hakuba slumped off.

Kaito let out a sigh. "He must be really shattered if he didn't even try to capture you. Or tell us the exact time he needed."

"I suppose so. Now then..." Kid looked at the gem, or rather half of a gem, that he was holding. "What exactly did this do? Are you a doppelganger, an evil twin, what?"

"Oi, I should be asking you! You're the one who just appeared," Kaito grumbled, holding an identical half of the gem.

Kid shook his head. "We were on a heist. Since I'm the one in the suit and monocle, it must be me who is the real Kuroba Kaito."

"...I guess that makes sense..." Kaito frowned. "If we put the gem back together, we'll merge or I'll disappear or whatever?"

"That would be the logical guess. Let's see." Kid approached him, but Kaito took a step back.

"I don't wanna go," Kaito mumbled. "Can't we do something else?"

"...Do you want to kiss?" Kid asked, carefully. Knowing himself, the answer was probably yes, but if the other him was different-

"Hell yes," Kaito breathed, and yanked him close for a deep kiss.

It was weird, kissing someone with your exact height, with lips at just the same position. And now Kid knew what his lips felt like, learned their texture and the way that they tasted when Kid ran his tongue over Kaito's closed lips.

Somehow they ended up with Kid backed up against a wall, Kaito leaning against him and pulling off his suit jacket. He undid the tie next, discarding it on the floor, then with Kid's help lifted his shirt over his head.

Kid leaned back, transfixed, as his own head lowered to lave his chest, with only the familiar messy crop of black hair visible. His tongue stayed there for several seconds, then traveled down his chest, dipping into his navel to make him squirm. Kaito paused for a moment to unbutton Kid's pants and pull down his underwear.

Kid stared down at him. "You cannot seriously mean to-"

"It's only fair to know what it's like if I'm going to ask anyone else to do it," Kaito explained, "and I'm kinda curious to see what I taste like. Besides, it's just masturbation."

With those words of wisdom, Kaito sank to his knees and began licking the underside of Kid's length. Kid gasped, head rolling backwards and monocle clinking against the wall. Every stroke sent shocks up his spine and he definitely wished that he was flexible enough to do this to himself normally.

Kaito took the tip of it into his mouth, sending Kid shuddering. The warm heat of his own mouth surrounded him, and as Kaito slowly made his way deeper, more and more of him was filled with pleasure. He buried his fingers in Kaito's hair, gently pushing further into that waiting mouth.

It was hurried and sloppy, neither of them knowing if the other might disappear at any moment. Kaito sucked long and hard, holding what he couldn't fit into his mouth with his fingers and licking what he could.

"I-I'm fairly close, you might want to-" Kid tried to warn, but Kaito merely redoubled his efforts. With a loud moan, Kid came hard. Kaito made a valiant effort at swallowing it, but ended up choking and coughing into his hand.

Standing up, Kaito licked his lips. "Mmm." He leaned in and kissed Kid, who spluttered, allowing Kaito to sweep his tongue into Kid's mouth and make Kid taste himself. Bitter.

Hakuba cleared his throat. "I hate to interrupt, but..."

The two sprang apart. "When did you get here?!" Kaito asked.

"Twenty-three seconds ago. I only caught the tail end of your... activity." Hakuba looked flushed. "I can arrest you for public decency laws as well as for thievery, Kaitou Kid-san, Kuroba-kun."

"I told you, I'm not a thief!" Kaito protested loudly. "Isn't that right, Kid?"

Kid looked up. "May I wait to join the conversation until I have my clothes back on?" he asked.


"Seems acceptable."